Ft. Benardo De Galvez Magnolia Trees, FL   tuce-@msn.com
  Sep 17, 2007 06:01 PDT 


Measured a Southern Magnolia in Pensacola Fla. this weekend near
Ft. Benardo De Galvez. located in the North Hill District. Now a
residential area, the Ft. over-looked Pen. Bay and the English and
Spanish had several battles here. The Ft. was located on a hilltop about
a mile inland with a stratigic location to fire at ships in the Bay.

DSC05615a.JPG (134637 bytes)
DSC05616a.JPG (101045 bytes)
Photos from Pensacola of a nice Southern Magnolia, CBH-14'1", Spread-84' and Height-54'. A nice tree about 200 years old with the top blown out during Hurricane Ivan in 04.

Anyway the tree had its top blown out by Hurricane Ivan in 04 but still
a great specimen. CBH-14'1", Spread-84' and Height-54'. The tree is
around 200 years old.  It is the 3rd largest Magnolia I've measured.