Padgett Oak, FL  and Biloxi Oaks, MS
  May 29, 2007 08:53 PDT 

Hello all. I measured three more Live Oaks last week. Two in Biloxi, and
one in Apalachicola, Fla. The two in Biloxi are the new #26, The Water
St. Apartments Oak, CBH-22'9", Spread-114' and Height 63'. The other is
the new #28, The Lee St. Oak, CBH-21'6", Spread-117' and Height 60'.
Both the trees are growing in the Beach grove along Hwy 90, approx, 300
meters from the Gulf. Both were in about 10' of saltwater during
Hurricane Katrina with little or no effect. 
image001.jpg (79094 bytes) image002.jpg (74367 bytes)

1. The Water St., Apartments Oak, CBH-229, Spread-114 and Height-63.

image003.jpg (60297 bytes) image004.jpg (76732 bytes)

2. The Lee St., Oak, CBH-216, Spread-117 and Height-60.

The third Oak measured was
in Apalachicola, the new #20, The James Padgett Oak, CBH-24',
Spread-137' and Height 48'. The largest tree I saw in the city, while
staying The Bryant House Bed&breakfast. Apalachicola is an old fishing

DSC05030a.JPG (496832 bytes)
 (Large scale image)  The new # 20 Oak on our List, The James Padgett Oak. Located at 220 Hwy., 98, Apalachicola, Fla. CBH-24', Spread-137' and Height  48'.
DSC05032a.JPG (118270 bytes)

Many historical homes are throughout the city, and there is a
slow laid-back atmosphere here, very relaxing. Numerous Pines of large
size abound here and in the surrounding areas, mostly Slash.