Tate's Hell Forest, FL   tuce-@msn.com
  May 29, 2007 08:53 PDT 

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During one of my
adventures I went to Tate's Hell Forest to see the Dwarf Cypress. These
Pond Cypress, about 2 square miles are no more than 15' high, yet some
are aged at 300 years old. It was quite an interesting place. I then
traveled East, approx.,20 miles to see The Crooked River Lighthouse.
Next, about 80 miles to see The St. Marks Lighthouse, both are over a
150 years old. 

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There are so many Large Pines along Hwy 98 as you drive along miles of
waterfront, at times the roadway is within feet of the Gulf. A site to
behold, this is the Forgotten Fla., little or no development.
Apalachicola is the western city on the river, then there's Eastpoint,
across the Bay. Next is Carrabelle, St. Teresa, Panacea and St. Marks.
All of these are small Old fishing towns. Anyway enought of my rambling,
Ed, I'll send some photos of the Oaks and some of Tate's Hell Cypress.