Torreya State Park
   Nov 26, 2006 10:00 PST 

Hello all- I went back to Torreya State Park in Northwestern Florida
this Thanksgiving Holiday. I spent about 4 hours measuring tress and
relized again what an awesome place this is. Bluffs along the
Appalchicola River rise to about 175', filled with numerous Hardwoods
and Loblolly Pine. The Bottomland adjacent to river also contains many
large Hardwoods and Cypress. These trees are about the same size as the
National Forests in Middle Ms. I will get up there soon and get some
measurements for you guys. Here are my results from this weekend.  
image003a.jpg (163770 bytes) image002a.jpg (145123 bytes)
image001a.jpg (133212 bytes) Three photos of  the Loblolly 96 CBH 132 Height ~132 

Loblolly Pine 
9'6", CBH, ~132' Height, 
9'2" CBH, ~129' Height, 
10' CBH, ~127' Height, 
10'6" CBH, ~120' Height.     

image002b.jpg (122317 bytes)  image004b.jpg (155896 bytes)

 image003b.jpg (149054 bytes)
Tulip Poplar 106 CBH ~129 Height

Tulip Poplar
10'6" CBH, ~129' Height, 
15' CBH, ~121' Height.     

image001b.jpg (131954 bytes)
 Sweetgum 10 8 CBH, ~123 Height

10'8" CBH, ~120' Height, 
12'6" CBH, ~123' Height, 
9'6 CBH, ~123' Height.     

7'8" CBH, ~100' Height.   
Water Oak 
13' CBH, ~111' Height.   

image005b.jpg (142464 bytes) image006b.jpg (155879 bytes)
 Sycamore 106 CBH ~120 Height 

10'6" CBH, ~120' Height.   

image001.jpg (130393 bytes) image002.jpg (169347 bytes)
Three photos of the Water Hickory 98 CBH, ~129 Height image003.jpg (139798 bytes)

Water Hickory 
11'2" CBH, ~123' Height, 
9'8" CBH, ~129' Height.     

Swamp Chestnut Oak 
10'6" CBH, ~117' Height. 
Black Oak 
9' CBH, ~111' Height.  
Bald Cypress 
9'2" CBH, ~110' Height, 
13'6" CBH, ~121' Height.

Spruce Pine 
7'10" CBH, ~121' Height.   
9' CBH, ~90' Height.     

There are numerous Trees here over 120' and some over 130'. I enjoyed
measuring them and will return later when the leaf fall is complete. Ed,
I will send you some photos this week. The 440 Prostaff is really
enjoyable to use. Jess, these Water Hickories were quite large, some of
the largest I've ever seen, as are all the trees here at Torreya State
Park. There is a Large Torreya Tree in Tallahasee, I'll have to check it
out at a later time. I also want to visit the National Champion Bald
Cypress, The Senator.   


RE: Torreya State Park   Will Blozan
  Nov 26, 2006 11:22 PST 


WOW! I figured the tallest trees in Fl would have to be in such a site.
Those heights are incredible given the storm potential. I think the spruce
pine is near an eastern height record.

Awesome stuff, keep it up! I will be down that way in January and may go by
and check it out as it has been on my list for a while. BTW, the Senator is
an indescribably awesome tree.

RE: Torreya State Park   Robert Leverett
  Nov 27, 2006 06:07 PST 


   Awesome report! We are all truly indebted to you for your giving us
the first real reports of trees in the deep south. We are finally closed
a big gap in the ENTS coverage of eastern sites.