Live Oak Graveyard, Bonaventure Cemetery, Savannah, Georgia

by Randy Cyr


Behind the reassuring light of a street lamp can lie unexplained shadows.

Even the moon’s rays can cast a certain foreboding during a late night stroll.  

But Bonaventure Cemetery, east of Savannah, Georgia, is most welcoming during the day.  

Bonaventure’s 160 acres has several “Oak Alleys.”

The harmonious blend of wispy gray moss and gray-stained stones make Bonaventure everything one envisions a cemetery should be.

These battered bulwarks have weathered dozens of tropical storms and hurricanes through the centuries.

Though man may care for the trees during his life, soon the undertaker is himself overtaken, yet the mighty oaks live on.  

These monarchs have faithfully watched over governors, bishops, and civil war generals; the stories that could be told!

It was upon these stone-cold graves that John Muir once slept 6 nights. Even back in 1867, he found Bonaventure breathtakingly beautiful.

It was in this “Garden of Flowers” that Minerva tried to work her magic for Jim Williams in Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.

Though the Bird Girl has since been donated to the Telfair Museum for safekeeping, there remains several ladies the keep vigilant watch in this city of the dead.