Cooper Creek, Suches, GA & Sosebee Cove, GA   Greg Ehrenberg
  Sep 11, 2006 09:49 PDT 
Typical Cooper Creek Cove.jpg (57478 bytes)
Typical Cooper Creek Cove

By chance I stumbled across the ENTS website – WOW! I look forward to
contributing and learning from everybody. My background is horticulture
and have always had a passion for plants. My first experience with
old-growth and impressive trees was a trip to the GSMNP in 2005 – caught
the bug and have been on a mission ever since. Did not find ENTS until
last week! My Google skills are most likely to blame for that.

Cooper Creek Tulip Tree 2.jpg (58988 bytes)
Cooper Creek Tulip Tree 2
Cooper Creek Tulip Tree 1.jpg (92050 bytes)
Cooper Creek Tulip Tree 1

Cooper Creek Tulip Tree 3b.jpg (94860 bytes)
Cooper Creek Tulip Tree 3b

I am currently in the market for measuring devices, any advice would be
appreciated. Have made two trips in the last couple of weeks – did not
measure, but saw some impressive trees. Cooper Creek North of Suches
Georgia is home to a several rich coves at about 2700’ – South of Cooper
creek and east of Turkey creek there is an area that appears to have
been selectively logged – some Liriodendron (Approximately 10 giants can
be seen from the old logging road) appear to have survived – I’m pretty
sure they are over 120-130 years. Again, I apologize for the lack of
measurements, I believe Jess Riddle has seen this area – he noted in his
log of “Big Yellow Poplars of GA” that there is a 17’+ CBH in this area.
I look forward to returning – there is a valley about 1.5 miles that is
classic rich cove – off trail may be rewarding.

Sosebee Cove Tulip Tree State Co-Champ.jpg (41837 bytes)
Sosebee Cove Tulip Tree State Champ

Sosebee Cove Yellow Buckeye State Champ

Saturday 9.9.06 – I visited Sosebee Cove North of Blood Mountain,
Georgia. Three state champions live here – Northern Red Oak, Yellow
Buckeye, and Yellow Poplar. This is a great cove – Proof that 2nd
growth can produce big trees. It has everything to do with this
location – very nice cove – a heaven for trees. The Yellow Buckeye was
the most impressive.

I have pictures – tried two times to send – getting rejected - Any help
on attachments – file capacity??

Greg Ehrenberg