Clayton Georgia Area    Will Blozan
   Mar 19, 2005 07:09 PST 
ENTS, Will Fell, Jess,

Yesterday I gave a seminar on hemlock woolly adelgid management in Clayton,
GA. Before the seminar I had some time to explore a little in Clayton and
along Warwoman Road.

I remeasured the insanely gorgeous State Champion black walnut and came up
with the following dimensions.

Girth     18'11" (227")
Height   81'
Spread 101'
Max spread       112.2'
Longest limb      72'
Girth of longest limb       8'3"
Champion Tree Points= 333

The tree is listed as 305 points on the current online list. I took lots of

Next I measured a beautiful pitch pine on Warwoman Road. It was taller than
I expected!

Girth     7'7"       (91")
Height   136.3'   Tallest in GA?
Spread 46'
Max spread       51.5'
Champion Tree Points= 227

While measuring the spread of the pitch pine I bumped into a Virginia pine
which looked tall. I shot straight up with the laser and when 39 yards came
back I was floored!

Girth     5'2" (62")
Height   121.9' New eastern height record?
Spread 32'
Max spread       39.4'
Champion Tree Points= 192

Shortleaf pine looked to reached 130'+. Georgia has some really nice pines!