Tallulah River Gorge, GA   Will Blozan
  Apr 02, 2005 07:10 PST 

I was hired to treat some hemlocks with HWA in the Upper Tallulah River
watershed. Although the upper portion is in NC, to get there I needed to
drive through Georgia up the incredible Tallulah River Gorge, which is
traversed by a forest service road. Super nice white pines grow there, and
the three that I measured are just a tease of the "super trees" that surely
grow there. Jess, have you measured any trees u there?

~12'+    X          152.9'   Across the river. An immense tree that may be
closer to 13'.

~11'+    X          153'      Across the river. MASSIVE crown.

10'2"     X          161.3'

~11'      X          161.9'   Across the river.

For some reason, the huge pines were always on the other side of the river!
HWA was heavy and declining trees were common. Hemlock did not appear to
reach heights over 120'.

Will Blozan