Baldcypress:  Illinois   Willard Fell
  Mar 02, 2005 05:17 PST 
In re Baldcypress range;

On the east Coast, Southern Delaware and Extreme Southern NJ. In the
Midwest it occurs in Southern Ill, and the lower Wabash Valley in
Remembrances of Taxodium   Robert Leverett
  Mar 02, 2005 07:08 PST 


   In past crossings of southern Illinois, I well recall the distant
forms of Taxodium on the narrow borders of streams. My wife and I would
always comment to one another about their unmistakable silhouettes. They
seemed out of place, but also energizing when seen as a backdrop to the
uniform agricultural fields. In a part of the country that has been
stripped of virtually every vestige of naturalness, almost any species
that has a wild, woolly look provides a breath of fresh air. Taxodium
provides that in southern Illinois.

RE: Remembrances of Taxodium   Willard Fell
  Mar 02, 2005 07:25 PST 


If you ride up Hwy 3 from Cairo up towards Wolf Lake you would think you
were in backwater Mississippi (no offense intended). It is much
different than the area over the "hill" to the east where agriculture
reigns. The tupelos, cypress & bottomland oaks all of a definite
southern affinity. The area has largely escaped "progress" and is a
haunting reminder of glory long past. Even the local drawl is more
Tennessee than Chicago.
RE: Remembrances of Taxodium   Robert Leverett
  Mar 02, 2005 08:43 PST 


   Thanks for the info. I did get to a small corner of the Illinois
"outback" when I visited Beale Woods a number of years ago and loved it.
Beale Woods is on the border with Indiana. I'll try to route myself back
via southern Illinois this August to see more of that country on my
return from the Rocky Mountain west.

    It is always fascinating and fun to discover hidden spots of America
that defy our customary stereotyping. My secret desire has long to be a
kind of Charles Kuralt on the road, meeting truly different people and
writing about them.