Dighton MA Tuliptree   Doug Bidlack
  Feb 02, 2007 11:16 PST 


I just went out today to visit a tuliptree that is only 2 miles east of
where I am now sitting. My wife saw a sign that described the man who
planted this tree. Apparently it was planted in 1778 by William Ellery.
William had fled Newport, RI for Dighton due to the British. I guess
he helped recruit troops and such to fight the British. The sign said
he signed the Declaration of Independence. Kinda cool. The tree is
173"cbh (14.4'). I only did a quick and dirty shoot straight up. The
best I could do was 97.5'. There are quite a few planted tuliptrees in
Taunton just to our north. It seems that they were quite popular.