Mass Tuliptrees
  Jan 11, 2007 14:10 PST 

    Gary Beluzo called in a short time ago. He has found more natural stands of tuliptrees. One is 11.8 feet around. That's the second one of that size. Several others are between 10 and 11 feet around and he thinks between 115 and 120 feet in height. He thinks they are much older trees that what he has been seeing before.

   The band of tuliptrees that Gary has been locating encompasses parts of several townships including Russell, Granville, Montgomery, Westfield, Westhampton, Agawam, Northampton, and Florence. These spots have produced the greatest numbers.

    As the data accumulates, it is becoming clearer that 115 to 130 feet is the prevailing height range. I hope we can find at least an occasional 140, but so far, we have only the one in Robinson SP.

    We will eventually have enough data to profile the species over about 10 degrees of latitude. Maybe, we can extend it to 11.