Passing of the guard, Monroe State Forest, MA
  Nov 12, 2005 18:08 PST 

    Today, despite a miserable cold, I went to Monroe State Forest to lead a walk for a worthy cause. Once there, there was no way I wasn't going to model the Thoreau pine and remodel the Grandfather pine. Bob Van Pelt had originally modeled the Thoreau pine to 812 cubes of trunk volume. Adding on 6% for limbs brought the tree up to 864. When I ran my numbers having used the RD 1000, and added the 6%, I got 853 cubes. The difference is 1.2 %. Give that BVP is one of the world's best tree modelers, I was pretty pleased.
    The remodeling of the huge Grandfather pine gave 1093 cubes. It needs another modeling for fine tuning, but there is no longer any doubt that its volume exceeds 1000 cubes.

    On the return, I successfully measured a big tooth aspen that has been difficult for me. This time I was lucky. It is an amazing 124.1 feet. Since I cannot confirm the Mohawk big tooth champion, I must drop it and present the title to the Monroe SF big tooth.
     Pumping in the Thoreau pine gives a multiple linear regression coefficient of 0.956.