Bruce Kershner Tree, MTSF  

Bruce Kershner at Cook Forest 2002
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Bruce Kershner is a renowned old growth forest authority, naturalist and author. He is coauthor with Robert Leverett of the Sierra Club Guide to Old Growth Forests of the Northeast. Kershner has published a dozen books, including Secret places of western New York and Southern Ontario. His most recent book is Walking tour of Olmstead South Park Arboretum and he is currently working on Guide to the Trees of North America.  Cofounder of the New York Old Growth Association, he has discovered more than 150 ancient forest sites, including many of the tallest and oldest trees in the Northeast. He makes his home near Buffalo, New York. 

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The newly named Bruce Kershner Pine. Bruce's pine is a real beauty. It is 150.2 feet tall and 9.3 feet in circumference. It was formerly called the Northern Sentinel