Delisle and Pass Christian, MS:  Live Oak Project
  Jun 19, 2007 12:36 PDT 

Yesterday I traveled to the town of Delisle Ms., located in Southwestern
Ms., on the eastern shore of the Bay of St. Louis. A small community
with lots of charm. In earlier times it was called Wolf Town, settled by
the French in the 1700's. 


On the way there a fairly large Live Oak
caught my eye, I parked my truck and went over to the landowner and
asked permission to measure the tree. Frankes Oak was growing right by
the roadside, located at Red Creek Rd, Delisle, Ms., CBH-24'8",
Spread-126' and Height-57'. Making it the new #21 on the listing. 

Frankes Oak:  CBH-24'8", Spread-126' and Height-57'. Making it the new #21 on the listing.   

The owner told me of a very large Live Oak located at (Wolf Town). He gave
me directions and off I went. Months ago, several co-workers had told me
about this Oak also, I just had not made it to the tree yet.    
When I drove, up I new instantly that the Oak was one of the biggest
trees I'd seen on the Ms. Gulf Coast! Growing about 75 yards from the
Bayou at 10' above sea level, on a small hillside adjacent to the Marsh.
This tree had about 15' of water during Hurricane Katrina, due to the
25' surge here. Undamaged, it has been through countless Hurricanes.
Located at 5607 Vidilia Rd., Delisle, Ms. CBH-30'1", Spread-148' and
Height-69'. The Dedeaux Oak is the 3rd largest Live Oak I've measured in
Ms., making it the new #5 on our listing! Trees 30' or better are the
rarity down here, and it is a real pleasure to measure and Photograph
one! This Live Oak is the most perfect specimen of its kind that I have
encountered thus far, Awesome tree! Perfect straight trunk with Massive
limbs! Very similar to your Middleton Oak. Bob, another 30 footer!      

The Dedeaux Oak located at 5607 Vidilia Rd., Delisle, MS- CBH-301, Spread-148 and Height-69.  Awesome tree!

Next I traveled
to the City of Pass Christian, I have seen many large oaks there so I
went to measure one I saw on an earlier adventure. The Schmitt Oak is
located at 4442 Menge Ave., Pass Christian, Ms., CBH-28'2", Spread-129'
and Height-69' making it the new #9 on our listing. It started raining,
so I headed back home. Ed, I'll send some photos!        

The Schmitt Oak, located at 4442 Menge Ave., Pass Christian, Ms.  CBH-282, Spread-129 and Height-69.

There are many more large Live Oaks
in Pass., but on my next adventure I'll be going to another old city
called Log Town. Located in extreme Southwestern Ms., on the Pearl
River. At one time it was the largest sawmill in the South, now a Ghost
Town! The old cemetery has some large Live Oaks located there. There are
also the old towns of Gainsville and Westonia, more ghost towns. More
big Oaks!, well enough rambling.        Larry                            

Re: Back to Scott
  Jun 19, 2007 14:22 PDT 

Thanks. I would like to see the live oaks down your way. Have you run into any more big magnolias lately? How about black gum or sweet gum? Do they grow down there?

RE: Back to Scott
  Jun 20, 2007 05:24 PDT 

I do see some large Magnolias now and then, the Gums are mainly in the
National Forests. They get quite large and I will report on them this
Winter along with Cypress. I'll go back and get a couple of the Large
Magnolias, there nearby in Gulfport and theres one in Gautier, both
these are approx. 12-14 CBH., and 60' tall. The Swamps are so full of
insects and reptiles that its best to go in the Fall. Also its 94
degrees and 90% humidity!