Edgewater Mall Live Oak at Night   Edward Frank
  Mar 02, 2007 11:49 PST 

Last night I remembered a large Live Oak that caught my eye about a
month ago, located in Biloxi, Ms., at Edgewater Mall near the beach. I
decided to go and measure it even though it was 8 PM, knowing there
would be enough light for some Photos and measurements . Located on
Eisenhower Dr, at Edgewater Mall, Biloxi, Ms. CBH- 26'10 ", Spread-
120', and Height  ~57', making it the new # 6 Oak to date. The attached
photos are the first night photos and I thought they were showing a
sleeping Giant! This Oak flooded to about 10' during Hurricane Katrina
and it is starting to fracture, I'm going to contact the city arborist
and see if they can shore it up.      

BTW, I have been wanting to know if you guys have a logo for some
T-shirts or hats? Can we discuss this or has it been already purposed?

Larry Tucei