Hunt Live Oaks, MS Larry Tucei
March 02, 2007


Hello all, I went to the South Ms. Regional Center located in Long Beach,
Ms. to measure the E.O Hunt Live Oak. The tree is a double stemmed 
specimen, with massive limbs touching the ground in all directions and 
has a gigantic spread.

What a magnificent tree! Growing in an open setting adjacent to the
Centers many buildings. The tree is approx. one quarter to one half of a
mile from the Gulf Of Mexico.   The Oak was registered in 1966 and is
the second largest Live Oak in the state. CBH- 37', Spread-170', and
Height 45'. Making it the largest and widest tree I have ever seen and

Another Live Oak adjacent to the E.O. Hunt Oak is the Sara
Hunt Oak, it measures CBH-26'7", Spread- 136.5', and Height- 51. Both 
of these Oaks are very healthy and well loved by all at the Center.               

The E.O. Hunt Oak, located at the South Ms. Regional Center in Long Beach, CBH- 37', Spread-170' and Height 45' making it the # 1 Live Oak to date!


The Sara Hunt Oak, also located at the South Ms. Regional Center- CBH-26'7", Spread-136.5, Height 51' making it # 8 on our list.