Long Beach Live Oak    tuce-@msn.com
  Apr 03, 2007 08:46 PDT 

Yesterday afternoon I had time to locate a Large Live Oak that a
co-worker had told me about last week. The Oak is growing 25' from a
road in Long Beach, Ms., located at 5025 Beatline Rd. It has a double
stemmed trunk with a CBH-28'8", Spread-135' and Height  48'. Making it
the new # 4 Tree in Our Project!

Several of the trees limbs touch the ground and run for about 60' from
the tree. It grows about a mile from the 37'-CBH E.O. Hunt Oak, being
quite similar in appearance, I wonder if it could be an offspring of the
Hunt Oak?   Bob, I've been thinking
about the volume of some of these Live Oaks that I have measured, and a
few of them would probably exceed 1200-1300 cubic feet. Maybe I should
try and get some volume measurements from the largest trees.