Moss Point, MS Live Oaks
  Mar 13, 2007 06:29 PST 

The two newest members of our Live Oak listings are the new #10- The
Thomas Family Timbers Oak, located in Moss Point, Ms. CBH-25',
Spread-135' and Height 66'. 

The new #13, The Jack Wade Oak also in Moss
Point, CBH-24'2", Spread-111' and Height  75'. The Thomas Family Timbers
Oak is the largest Oak in the city.     



Back to Larry
  Mar 13, 2007 12:55 PST 

   You're spoiling us. I've come to expect at least a 24+ foot girth live oak on each of your reports. I start to feel let down, if you report on a mere 20-footer. As you rack up the numbers and report on these wonderful trees, I try to visualize the deep South in spring, with its profusion of blossoms. Then I look out the window and see nothing but white.

   What is blooming now down your way? What are the showiest blossoms to your taste? Give us a taste of real spring while we wait for the next storm system. Springs in Yankee land suck!

RE: Back to Larry
  Mar 13, 2007 14:05 PST 

It has been in the high 70's the last week or so. Looks like all the
trees here are budding. I like Tulip and Magnolia best, especially the
Bigleaf Magnolia. 10" Dia., flower and 20-30" leaves, quite a beautiful
flower! I'll send you a photo when they bloom. The Azaleas are starting
to bloom, spring has sprung down here. I've got to get to Mobile they
have the largest Azaleas around, and I haven't measured any Live Oaks
from there. They are huge in Mobile and I'm sure we will get a 25' or
better there. I'll send you guys some warmer weather.