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  Feb 20, 2007 07:53 PST 



Yesterday I measured another large Live Oak in Ocean Springs, Ms. 27'
CBH, 121.5 Spread and 72' Height making it the 4th largest Oak measured
to date. It grows adjacent to a bayou estuary called Ft. Bayou, next to
a Old Home which is now a restaurant. A very majestic tree on a small
slope about 100 meters from the brackish bayou. I send some photos Ed.

The top ten Live Oaks I have measured so far are.                        

1) The Biloxi Oak - 35' CBH,
144' Spread, 57' Height, 956 Hwy 90 Biloxi, Ms.                          

2) The Andrew Jackson Oak -
29'6" CBH, 148' Spread, 81' Height, Old Hwy 98 Daphne Ala.               

3) The Gulfport Oak -
28'6" CBH, 130' Spread, 48' Height, 17th st. and 30th ave. Gulfport, Ms.

4) The Ruskin Oak
- 27' 2" CBH, 153' Spread, 57' Height, Ruskin Ave., Ocean Springs, Ms.    

5) Aunt Jenny's Oak - 27'1" CBH, 121.5' Spread, 72' Height, Aunt Jenny's
Restaurant, Washington Ave., Ocean Springs, Ms.                          

6) The Coliseum Oak - 24'6" CBH,
126' Spread, 54' Height, Hwy 90 Biloxi, Ms.                              

7) The Treasure Oak - 24' 4" CBH,
137' Spread, 66' Height, Treasure Oak Country Club, Hwy 90, Ocean
Springs, Ms.                                                             

8) United Methodist Oak - 22' CBH, 131.5' Spread, 51' Height, 4322
Popps Ferry Rd., Biloxi, Ms.                                             

9) The Lewis Oak - 21' CBH, 120' Spread, 66'
Height, Seacliff, Gautier, Ms.                                           

10) The Handsboro Oak - 20' CBH, 125' Spread, 66'
Height, 1000 East Pass Rd., Gulfport, Ms.                                

These are the top ten Live Oaks I've
measured to date. I have sent photos of most of them to Ed, My goal is
to locate the top 50 trees in my region. While researching the Live Oak
Registry, I have discovered they have 20 Live Oaks 30 CBH or larger
listed, I will contact them and add my 35' tree to the listing. I also
found some trees listed in Long Beach, Ms., from 1934 with CBH
recordings, I will measure them and see what the growth rates have been
for the past 73 years! This should be quite interesting to see the

(I will complete the listing tomorrow, I forgot The Friendship Oak in my Top Ten.)

Larry Tucei