Ocean Springs & Bay St. Louis, MS - Live Oak Project   tuce-@msn.com
  Jun 05, 2007 06:02 PDT 

Yesterday I measured 4 more Live Oaks, 2 in Ocean Springs and 2 in Bay
St. Louis, Ms. The first 2 are located at the Treasure Oak Country Club,
where I measured The Treasure Oak, with my Daughter, and Grandson, last
Dec. The first Oak measured, CBH-23'3",Spread-120' and Height-75'. The
second Oak measured, CBH-25', Spread-123' and Height-57'. There are
numerous Oaks located at the Country Club but these and the Treasure Oak
are the largest.      
The first two photos are, 1. Danielle’s Oak, CBH-25’, Spread-123’ and Height-57’.
The next two photos are, 2. Collin’s Oak, CBH-23’3’, Spread-23’3”, Spread-120’ and Height 75’. Both located at the Treasure Oak Country Club, Hwy., 90 Ocean Springs, Ms. 


I then left Ocean Springs and
headed west about 30 miles to Bay St. Louis, in Hancock Co., Ms. I
haven't been there since Hurricane Katrina. They took the full force of
the storm, with a 30-35' storm surge! Destroying about 2 city blocks,
the water went inland about 1-2 miles, covering Hwy 90 4' deep. Bay St.
Louis is a Older City with Old Town Charm and many historical buildings
and homes. I went to city hall and got a map, and talked to a few gals
on there work break about large Oaks. They headed me in the general
direction and off I went. The first tree I measured located at 132
Sycamore St., CBH-25'5", Spread-111' and Height-60'. The second tree is
located at 299 South Second St., CBH-23'3", Spread-105'and Height-66'.   

The next two photos are, 1. The Sycamore St., Oak, CBH-25’, Spread-111’ and Height-60’.
The next two photos are,  2. The Lumberyard Art Center, CBH-23’3”, Spread-105’ and 66’. Both trees are located in Bay St. Louis, Ms. 


There are
Thousands of Live Oaks in Hancock Co, I did locate a registered Oak that
had been measured and maybe cored in 1998, by an arborist. One of the
city hall workers told me about this Oak, I'll have to go back to measure
it at a later date because the Homeowners were not there.
Ed, I will send some photos of these Oaks and the last two Oaks I
measured in Biloxi. I also will send a updated listing of the Oaks
measured to date.    


RE: Live Oak Project   Robert Leverett
  Jun 05, 2007 08:03 PDT 


   The incredible number of live oaks that surpass 20 feet in girth is
becoming more and more apparent. It appears to me that the species will
win the girth contest hands down. Maybe bald cypress would have been the
live oak's equal historically, but not any more.