Pass Christian and Gulfport, MS - Live Oak Project
  Jun 14, 2007 08:11 PDT 

Tuesday I measured another 20 footer in Gulfport located approx., 300
yards from the Gulf of Mexico next to a Beautiful Old Home damaged from
Katrina, but still standing. The elevation here is 20', but the house
still got 4' of water. The Oak measured, CBH-20'3",
Spread-129',Height-69', making it the new #38 on our list.    
Skip and Carols Oak, 1828 Beach Dr., Gulfport,Ms. CBH-204,Spread-129 and Height-69.

Yesterday I traveled west
about 10 miles to the city of Pass Christian. This is a quite,
Historical small town, with Hundreds of Larger Live Oaks and many Older
homes. I read about a Large Live Oak here called the Meeting Oak, the
Indians had a shell Midden here and it was a gathering place. The tree
is located on Church St., approx., 1/4 mile from the Gulf, the storm
surge was around 30' in Pass Christian. The tree is undamaged,
CBH-27'10", Spread-120' and Height-60'. Making it the new# 8 on our

The Meeting Oak in Pass Christian, CBH-2710, Spread-120 and Height-60.

Next, I drove around looking for 20 footers. I noticed many trees that
would make it on the list. Looks like Pass Christian, per acre has the
most 20'+ trees on the Ms. Coast thus far. I plan to return when I have
more time to measure and photograph them, maybe Monday. Ed, I'll send
some photos. Bob, there are Large Live Oaks everywhere here! I now have
40, 20'+, Live Oaks measured and Photographed. I'll send the updated