Biloxi Live Oak
  Apr 05, 2007 08:54 PDT 

      Measured another Large Live Oak over in Biloxi, CBH-27',
Spread-142', and Height 60'. Making it # 8 on the Listing. The tree
grows adjacent to The old Church of the Redeemer, built in 1849, no
longer there due to Hurricane Katrina. It is around 250-300 years old as
are most or the trees I've been reporting on. Ed, I've got some photos
to send, but will wait till you are ready. I know you guys may be tired
of my Live Oak postings, but they are such a fantastic tree that I could
just measure and photograph them for an eternity.     

There are thousands of Live Oaks
along just the Ms., Gulf Coast, so many are 20'-CBH, that now I only
measure the larger trees. To imagine what these magnificent trees went
through in Hurricane Katrina and still survive is impressive. I haven't
even made it to Hancock Co, which has many 20'+ trees. So I hope you
guys and gals don't mind but I'll just keep on posting them! 


Back to Larry   Robert Leverett
  Apr 05, 2007 10:06 PDT 


   To the contrary, we look forward to your posts. Those of us stranded
up here in Yankee Land now have an entirely different picture of the
distribution of the 20-footers. The ENTS view of the Live Oak has
entered a new chapter, courtesy of your interest and reports. So, please
keep the posts coming.

   From what you've seen and know, do you have an opinion of the
distribution of 20-foot girth Bald Cypresses? Do you think that they
would once have been as common as the large Live Oaks? Will Fell may
have a take on this also. Will?


RE: Back to Larry
  Apr 05, 2007 10:40 PDT 


No doubt about it. The Southern river basins were full of huge cypress
trees, many were cut but there are many left. Here, the Pearl River and
especially the Pascagoula both contain many large trees. Unfortunately
Hurricane Katrina had a huge impact on these areas. I need to get in the
Pascagoula Basin and report on the select cutting going on in there and
how many acres were destroyed. I hunted and fished the Pascagoula for
about 15 years and know it fairly well. Having seen many 20'+ Cypress
trees, I wonder how many 30' trees are left, if any?