Spring in SE GA   Willard Fell
  Mar 16, 2007 04:56 PST 


I hear where you went from 75 to snowstorm today. I thought our weather
was changeable. You asked about flowers and spring in the south. The
azaleas and dogwoods are in full bloom. Here is a link to some photos I
took at lunch yesterday around the squares of Savannah as the city
braces for the hordes of St Patties day revelers. Note that it is "fall"
now for us as the oaks drop their leaves in the spring and the streets
are carpeted in brown.


Hopefully it will work. If not we'll try something else.
Southern Spring Larry Tucei
March 27, 2007

Dogwood trees along the roadways are everywhere, dwarfed by the Oaks and
Pines, but stand majestically with there brilliant white flowers. Small in
stature but large in abundance. Azaleas of every color abound in public
parks, private property and along city streets. The colors are so
brilliant, some bushes 30' across. 

DSC04776.JPG (3745883 bytes) Trumpet Vine DSC04774.JPG (3304967 bytes)
DSC04782.JPG (3859547 bytes) 
Cherokee Rose
DSC04783.JPG (3468755 bytes) 
Cherokee Rose

Wild azalea with its pink and white
blossoms are putting on quite a show if you lucky enough to find them in
the forest. Cherokee Rose growing along some roadsides are 40' high
climbing into the trees. Yellow Jasmine and Trumpet Vine also are
putting on a show. I have some photos, I'll send Ed.