New Jersey Trees   Barry Caselli


NJ state champion Sycamore   Barry Caselli
  Jun 29, 2006 14:19 PDT 

I just got my copy of New Jersey's big trees list in the mail an hour or
two ago. I discovered that the Buttonwood (our South Jersey coloquial
name for Sycamore) that I photographed in Warren County is the state
It says the circumference is 23'1" .
Look for a picture of it in the first gallery in my Webshots galleries
I did some shuffling around, so they won't look the same, for those of
you who have looked at them already. Someone from here commented on the
photo of that tree. Thanks for the good comment!
I also discovered that the state champion Sassafras is in the front yard
of an old Friends Meeting House that I photographed last year. I never
even knew it. I will have to go back. I have a book with a photograph of
that meeting house, and the caption mentions the tree, but I thought the
caption referred to the big stump in the picture. I don't know. I hope
not. The tree is supposed to have a circumference of 17'4" . I've never
seen a Sassafras even close to that in size.


RE: Ancient tuliptree, Absecon, NJ   Barry Caselli
  Jul 03, 2006 18:55 PDT 

Hello again,
I did eventually photograph this tree and I got all my pictures back
today. I scanned the photos of this tree and uploaded them to my
"Barry's Nature Gallery" at this link. The last two photos in this
gallery are of this Tuliptree. As I said in my original post (below), I
believe the tree is at least 4 feet DBH, and probably closer to 5 feet.
It also appears to be a very healthy tree.
Is there anyone in or near southern New Jersey who can come and measure
I'm also in the midst of scanning and uploading 2 pictures of a pretty
large Sassafras that I posted about some time ago. It's easily 2 feet
DBH. Those photos will be immediately before the tuliptree photos in my
Check out the photos and see what you think of these trees.
To me the Tuliptree is very impressive.