Clague Park:  Another northern Ohio report   Steve Galehouse
  Feb 27, 2007 15:02 PST 


Over the weekend I visited the woods at Clague Park in Westlake, Ohio.
It's very small in area, perhaps 20 acres, and right in the middle of a
populous Cleveland suburb, but it has some very nice mature trees. The
site is on the Lake Erie plain, with level topography and heavy soils
with poor to fair drainage. White oaks are the largest trees, and many
show craggy, almost contorted crowns typical of mature specimens. 
image004.jpg (66129 bytes)
 Twin White Oaks - 11' cbh for left tree
image001.jpg (86724 bytes)
 White Oak Crown

Four other oak species are present and grow to canopy height, along with
beech, red maple, cherry, and shagbark; sugar maple is conspicuously
absent. Canopy height is moderate, averaging around 95', but there are
many trees 10'cbh or better.

image003.jpg (52733 bytes)
image002.jpg (40380 bytes)
 Fallen Red Oak

A summary of species:

White Oak                          112,   11 cbh
White Oak                           95,   13 cbh
Pin Oak                        101.5,   910 cbh
Red Maple                          87,   94 cbh
Beech                           96.5,   710 cbh
N Red Oak                          97,   94 cbh
Bur Oak                            94,   88 cbh
Swamp White Oak                    94,   65 cbh
Black Cherry                       82,   79 cbh
Shagbark Hickory                   88,   46 cbh

A link to photos, which will need to be cut and pasted is here:

Steve Galehouse