Carl Harting - Cook Forest & Wolf Creek
deer_meadows_cherry.jpg (25235 bytes) Large Black Cherry in the Deer Meadows Old Growth Area of Cook Forest after wind damage in the summer of 2004. Most of the tree's height remains, and as evidence on the trunk indicates, this is not the first large wind damage event for this tree.
emma_at_deer_meadows_cherry.jpg (19501 bytes) Picture of my 8 year old daughter standing next to the largest branch blown off the large Black Cherry in the Deer Meadows Old Growth Area of Cook Forest.

wolfcreek1.jpg (14882 bytes) Wolf Creek from the bridge just below the narrows. Mature hardwood forest is on the right , cliff extends along the left shore. A trail takes a circular route over the flood plain and up onto the hillside to the right.
wolfcreek2.jpg (19980 bytes) Wolf Creek looking downstream toward the bridge. Parking area is on the right side of the bridge about 50 yards from the creek on the left side of the road. Trail begins just past the left end of the bridge.
wolfcreeknarrows_trees.jpg (20174 bytes) View from the hillside above Wolf Creek near the narrows. Largest trees in the photo are tulip poplars.