Wellsboro American Elm   Dale J. Luthringer
  Jun 02, 2005 16:52 PDT 

I've finally found some time to enter a portion of my backlog of tree
data. I don't know if someone's already given you this info for the PFA
list, but I was able to go up and measure the large American Elm up in
Wellsboro, PA, Tioga County on 2/16/05. It is located on the Wellsboro
Borough property right off main street (Central-RT287 & Main St). You
can't miss this tree. It is absolutely gorgeous. The slender vase-like
waste of this beauty would make many a man jealous. Its dimensions are:

16ft CBH x 99ft crown spread x 94.7ft high
311.5 AF points

You can the Wellsboro road map at: