witch hazel stats   djluth-@pennswoods.net
  Jan 30, 2006 13:44 PST 

Will B., Jess, Will F., Bob, Ed, et. al.

I just re-measured Cook Forest's tall witch hazel today at

0.8ft CBH x 41.8ft high x 20.5ft max crown (7.7ft min crown)
55.4 AF Points

The last time I measured it on 7/9/03, it was

0.8ft CBH x 37.8ft high x 16ft max crown (12.4ft min crown).
53.7 AF Points

At the time, I believe it was the 3rd tallest we had so far on record. Any
ideas on where it stands today?

There is another tall one only about an arms length away that is virtually
identical at

0.7ft CBH x 40.2ft high.

The heights are quite peculiar. I remember walking past these stems at eye
level for quite sometime never looking up. I always assumed by the bark that
they were young birch trees growing in the old tornado swath. One of our
interns pointed my eyes upward one day, and boy was I surprised!

RE: witch hazel stats   Will Blozan
  Jan 30, 2006 13:53 PST 


Over 40' are fairly common down here, but that still is quite tall. I hit
53' on Caldwell Fork last summer.

Re: witch hazel stats   wad-@comcast.net
  Jan 30, 2006 18:50 PST 

you have a PA state co-champ there! there is a 57 point tree and a 54 point tree. Sounds like the other one you measured might make the cut too. The 57 point tree is on the property where I work. I visited it today. I will measure it tomorrow. We found it the same way. My assistant said what about this witch Hazel? I said where?.....

Maybe you could go to the website, www.pabigtrees.com and be the first to nominate a treeonline to see if it works properly?? Please!

Re: witch hazel stats for Pa   wad-@comcast.net
  Feb 01, 2006 21:21 PST 
Dale, ENTS

Well I had to run down and measure the witch hazel at work that is the state champ. I don't know about you, Dale, but I had a heck of a time getting my laser to find anything. The best height I could shoot was a 27.5' Either part of the top is gone, or I just couldn't get a read on it. I am going to remeasure in spring as the leaves come out. At this height, this tree drops to 47 points. You have the state champ at this point! there is another one at Pennsbury manor that is two points below the cook tree.