Cook Forest black cherry & hemlock update    Dale Luthringer
   Aug 30, 2007 20:20 PDT 

I'm terribly behind in my trip reports. Here's some data collected back
in the beginning of January of this year.

First, Carl scooped me on a dandy black cherry that I missed in the Cook
Trail old growth area in the River Cabin Flats section.   I remember
seeing this tree probably about 2 years prior, but when I shot vertical
from underneath I didn't think that it'd barely make 120, hence not
worth measuring. yes, I can hear it now. 120 footers are like weeds
over here. Turns out Carl got it to 10.2ft CBH x 136.4ft high! I
roughed it out a few days later and was getting over 132, but couldn't
see the whole top, so Carl's measurement gets the nod. Carl also found
a new park record black birch here to 5.6ft CBH x 108.3ft high.

We now have 14 black cherries that make it into the 130ft class. This
counts Will's two recent finds during the ENTS Cook Forest Rendezvous.

Cook Forest Significant Black Cherry Tally
CBH     Height   Comments

7.2        130       Blozan 2007 ENTS Rendezvous find
10         130.3
9.7        130.6    Blozan
10.4      131.5    Leverett
8.6        131.7    Frank & Harting
9           132
5.1        134       Blozan 2007 ENTS Rendezvous find
11.5      134.4    Blozan & Leverett
10.2      136.1
7.6        136.2    Van Pelt
10.2      136.4    Harting
10.8      136.8
8.1        137       Blozan measure from 4/20/02, definitely needs
11.5      137.3    Karl Davies Black Cherry (Blozan & Busch tape drop)

On 1/3/07 I spent the day further documenting the Deer Meadow Old Growth
Area. This is the same stand where the Susquehannock Hemlock and old
park record (13.1ft CBH) black cherry are located. The day's stats

Species            CBH     Height   Comments

Am. Beech        9          108.1+
Am. Beech        9.1        108.1+
Am. Beech        9.9        108.8    beech bark disease

Black birch        6.7        103.4

Black cherry      13.1      86         dead standing column of what is
                         left of our old black cherry after 2 windstorms, tallest recorded height
                         at 121.6ft

E. hemlock        10.9      N/A
E. hemlock        11.5      100.8
E. hemlock        N/A       113.6
E. hemlock        11.3      113.9
E. hemlock        11.4      117.8
E. hemlock        11.5      121.1
E. hemlock        12.2      N/A
E. hemlock        12.4      122.9
E. hemlock        12.7      124.3+ update of your old measure next to
                        Susquehannock Hemlock
E. hemlock        12.8      127.7
E. hemlock        16.9(2x) 130      double by gas well at end of gasline
                        access road
E. hemlock        13.5      132.6    Susquehannock Hemlock, viritually
                        the same dimensions when last measured by Blozan in 2004

There certainly are some dandy hemlocks in here. Sections of this area
are every bit as good as some of the more well known ancient hemlock
stands in the park.