Davies black cherry   Dale J. Luthringer
  Oct 21, 2003 17:15 PDT 

Although I never had the pleasure of meeting Karl, I think you'll find
the following post a sincere tribute to a fallen 'Ent'.

I had a spare couple of hours today and thought that I'd try and
re-measure our tallest cucumbertree (last measured Oct 2001 at 7.3ft CBH
x 122.9ft high) in the park. recently bumped out of its tall NE tall tree
status by another whopper in the Wintergreen Gorge (8.6ft CBH x 123.1+).
The first time I measured this tree I had to use tangent to include the
obstructed eye-base measurement. The same tangent method today yielded
a height almost to 124ft. I shot again from downhill using
[(sintop)-(sinbottom)+pole] and was able to put it to 123.1ft which
currently ties the Wintergreen cuke' (42 7.248N x 79 59.675W). It took
me awhile to find this tree, but now I've got coordinates via GPS (41
20.317N x 79 12.891W). It is in the vicinity of the tall black cherry
stand between Ridge Trail and Forest Road.

There are some nice hemlocks in here also. I only measured two hemlocks
and easily came up with 11.7 x 128.2 and 9.1 x 133.3.

Found another 150 class white pine too about 2/3 of the way up the ridge
at 9.9ft CBH x 153.7ft high. It was a pleasure to measure. I had a
great view of the canopy, base was tough but had two really close shots
averaging to the above height.

There are some impressive black cherry in here. The last tree of the
day was a dandy which I left a note to myself to measure back in October
2001. needless to say, I forgot about it. This tree is very tough to
measure. Interlocking crowns spreading from 2 main beams ~90ft up made
my work very difficult. From underneath I repeatedly hit 137+! I was
able to get a couple of shots from up hill to very close to 140, but the
canopy was very dense. My best at click-over was right on 140, and I
still couldn't get what I believe is a slightly taller sprig (1-2ft)!
So for now, I'm sticking with a good solid 140. I thought we were never
going to reach 140 for black cherry, but it seems that persistence pays
off. Oh yeh, they CBH isn't bad also at 11.4ft. I decided to name it
the 'Davies Black Cherry'. I believe this is now the 2nd tallest black
cherry we've documented in the entire E. U.S. The next closest would be
the 6.8 x 139.2 black cherry measured by the Riddles in Georgia along
the South Fork of the Jacks River. Although a more recent measurement
of the Riddle' black cherry may prove higher today, the 'Davies Black
Cherry' is solid NE record. and a fine one too considering its girth.

The day's tally as follows:

Species            CBH     Height

Black cherry      10         125.6
Black cherry      11.4      140
Cucumbertree    7.5        123.1
E. hemlock        11.7      128.2
E. hemlock        9.1        133.3
E. white pine     9.2        137.5
E. white pine     9.9        153.7

Cook Forest's current Rucker Index = 135.27!:

Species            CBH     Height   Comments

E. white pine     11.1      181.3    tied 3rd tallest E. U.S.
E. hemlock        11.8      145.3    tied for tallest NE
Black cherry      11.4      140       2nd tallest E. U.S.
Tuliptree            8.2        136.6
White ash         7.6        128.3
Red maple         9          126
White oak         10.6      124.8    tallest NE
Am. beech        7.9        124.4    tallest PA
Cucumbertree    7.5        123.1    tied for tallest NE
N. red oak         9.5        122.9    

9.46            135.27

Cook now has

4   species >= 140
5   species >= 130
10 species >= 120
13 species >= 110
20 species >= 100

Right when I think I've reached Cook's limit, we go and find another. I
hope to think that Karl would've loved Cook Forest. It is definitely a
place of surprises and shouts God's majesty.