Foundation Ridge Flat update
  Nov 09, 2006 17:57 PST 

Bob, Carl, Tony, Ed,

Took a good part of the day to start a thorough search of what we're calling the
Foundation Ridge Flat at Cook Forest. It's the flat beside the Clarion River
and downhill from Carl's record Am. chestnut.

First off I wanted to find Carl's new scarlet oak record, then if I had time, to
work back up-river on the base of the hill that comes down into this area.
Found Carl's scarlet oak, what a beauty! I was getting very close to the same
measurements as Carl's, ~117.9ft high, then worked my way further uphill and
found another nested top that I couldn't see from below.   Try as I might, it
wouldn't go over 120ft, but after averaging 4 different measurements, 118.8,
119.3, 119.8, 120.8, I settled with 119.7ft. So, Carl's scarlet oak is the
bonifide NE height champ. This place is loaded with nice scarlet oaks.
They're holding onto their leaves longer than most other oaks, so they're
pretty easy to pick out now.

After measuring the scarlet oak, I continued to work the area and head along the
base of the ridge in the up-river direction. Found a number of other nice
scarlets as well as starting to work into a nice stand of upper 130ft/lower
140ft class tulips. Didn't find a new tulip record yet, but DID find a new
cucumbertree record for the park. Turns out to be the 2nd tallest known in the
NE at a skinny 5.1ft CBH x 126.7ft high! Tony's monster cuke' at McConnell's
Mill has a steady hold on the highest recorded at 10.3ft CBH x 131.6ft high.
This skinny cuke is almost identical in dimensions to the nearby NE pignut
hickory record at 5ft CBH x 126.7ft high. I believe we can attribute its
height to growing in between 2 tall tulips (140.3ft, 133ft).

This sure is a neat little site. I'm now convinced that I'm going to have to
take a couple of cores to get a better idea on stand history.

The day's stats follows:

Species CBH Height Comments

cucumbertree 5.4 107.4
cucumbertree 5.1 126.7 2nd tallest known NE tack 637 41 19.940N x 79 10.120W

N. red oak 9 121.4+

scarlet oak 6.6 111.1+
scarlet oak 7.6 112.8
scarlet oak 5 112.9
scarlet oak 8.2 119.7 Carl's NE height record

tuliptree 5.8 126
tuliptree 6.1 129.6+
tuliptree 6.8 132.1
tuliptree 8.9 133
tuliptree 8 139.2 tack 639 41 19.929N x 79 10.094W
tuliptree 8.1 140.3 tack 636 41 19.943N x 79 10.124W

white ash 6.4 118.7+

Cook Forest's Rucker Index now stands at 137.21:

Species CBH Height

E. white pine 11.1 183.1
E. hemlock 12 146.5
tuliptree 7.4 141.4
black cherry 11.5 137.3
white ash 7.6 128.3
Am. beech 7.5 127.5
white oak 10.7 127.3
red maple 9.1 127.3
pignut hickory 5 126.7
cucumbertree 5.1 126.7

RE: Foundation Ridge Flat update   Carl Harting
  Nov 09, 2006 19:20 PST 


I figured you'd eventually squeeze out a taller measurement on the
scarlet oak. I really need to take more time when I measure, but then
again I had no idea at the time that it might be a NE height record.

If you know when you'll be coring those trees please shoot me an
email; I'd really like to see you do it. Actually, seeing a tree cored
might make a nice presentation at a future ENTS gathering.