new PA witch hazel record Dale Luthringer
Jul 10, 2003 13:45 PDT 


One of our grad students who is conducting a forest regeneration assessment in our 1976 tornado area pointed out a noteworthy witch hazel yesterday. Turns out to be the tallest I've found so far in PA. Here's the stats:

Nominator - Cohen, Luthringer
County - Clarion
Location - Seneca Forest Special Management Area, Cook Forest State Park
Method - laser/rangefinder (sintop+sinbottom)
Date - 7/9/03
CBH = 0.8ft
Height = 37.8ft

I walked by this little patch of witch hazel growing out of a root mound all winter, but mistook these tall sprouts for black birch without the leaves. That blows the old record (2 weeks old) of 27.8ft out of the water.