Rhode Island Climbs   Andrew Joslin
  Nov 01, 2006 19:56 PST 

Hello Ed,
Thanks for the comments. The photo is me. I've been incredibly busy
with a tree related illustration project as well as my day job which
hasn't given me much time to think about posting reports to ENTS. I
wanted to got to the ENTS meeting but had to work last weekend. I ran
the climb in Rhode Island for Norman Bird Sanctuary in Middletown
Rhode Island. It was in a remnant beech forest with trees in the
200-300 year old range. It's not far from a similar tract called
Oakdale Meadow (I think). Bob Leverett may know about Oakdale. I
didn't have time to do much measuring but it was a beautiful day and
a lovely place to climb. I'm also in touch with several climbers in
Rhode Island who've mentioned big trees they know about. There are
supposed to be some very tall white pine (for RI) in Charleston,
Rhode Island, more investigation needed

I'd like to got to Cook Forest in the spring. I'll be climbing
through the winter and will post some reports. I have some more tall
pines to visit and some big deciduous trees. I'll be back in Rhode
Island Thanksgiving weekend and will visit the beeches and try to
come up with something reportable.

At 09:56 PM 11/1/2006, you wrote:


I was looking at your website on flickr. Very nice photos. You
should post to the ENTS discussion list about some of your
climbs. One of the climbs on the site was from Rhode Island. We
don't even have any trip reports from the state yet!. Is the
attached photo a picture of yourself?

It would be nice if you could make it to one of our ENTS
events. The next one is in April at Cook Forest. There will be
another at Holyoke MA next October.

Ed Frank