SC. Live Oaks's   Marcas Houtchings
  Mar 18, 2007 16:13 PST 

Hello Everyone ,

I have some info on the old homestead oak.  The oak is call the Addison
Oak. This tree has never had any work or be maintain and for that one
big limb broke off. Sad to say there not a lot to say in history about
this live oak. I going to cut a cookie of the fallen limb to get some
kind of date to the oak I donít know if this will work but I going to
try and see. 
Addison_Oak2a.jpg (96490 bytes) Addison_Oak4a.jpg (122664 bytes)
AddisonOak6.jpg (99487 bytes) AddisonOak7a.jpg (121854 bytes)

I hope you enjoy. 


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