Cedar Creek   Jess Riddle
  May 04, 2003 14:23 PDT 

Cedar Creek is a large tributary of the Chauga River in the northwestern
corner of South Carolina. Coves in the area are typically oak dominate
and often have a chalk maple midstory. Conifer-hardwood mixtures with
rhododendron understory are common on the slopes along Cedar Creek, and
either tuliptree or shortleaf pine form nearly pure stands in many of the
stream flats. However, southern pine beetle has killed several acres of
pine in the area of the past few years.

Species Cbh Height
Maple, Chalk 2'2.5" 42.0'
Oak, Scarlet NA 113.8'
Oak, Scarlet 7'5" 115.2'+
Oak, Scarlet 6'3" 123.8'
Pine, Shortleaf 6'11.5" 112.2'
Pine, Shortleaf 6'0" 117.9'
Pine, Shortleaf NA ~122'

Prior to a couple of weeks ago, I had only measured four scarlet oaks
over 110', so seeing three in one day is quite unusual. I was surprised
to see stewartias growing under the crown of the 7'5" tree, which was
growing adjacent to the uppermost flat I saw. The tallest of the oaks was
also surprising since it was growing in a steep, north facing cove with
unusually open understory and lacking rich cove species. Several dozen
shortleaf pines in the stream flats reach heights comparable to those
listed above, but I doubt any reach the upper 120's.

Jess Riddle