Edison Island, SC visit & photos   Greentr-@aol.com
  Oct 26, 2003 18:23 PST 

On a lighter note, I did find a most interesting site on a 2 mile stretch of
Edison Island, SC, beach. Having traveled up and down this country, as well
as 30 others, rarely have I found anything "new under the sun." But this site
is surreal...off the Planet!!! Not like anything I have seen on the East
coast or elsewhere. Thousands of ancient live oaks have succumbed to changing
tidal movements, and are scattered across this beach. While some are bent over
almost touching the ground (yet remaining anchored), other "live oak islands"
have been transported across the beach!   With bleached white, weather-twisted
trunks, casting long, dark shadows on the near white sand, I got some great
shots.   You'll have to see this for yourself (or let me send you some photos).
Or wait for the Live Oak webpage.