South Carolina Live Oaks   James Smith
  Mar 04, 2007 16:48 PST 

I've seen a lot of really nice live oaks in my native Georgia low
country. Unfortunately, I don't have any photos. In fact, the only low
country oak photo I have is this one surrounded by parking lots at
Hilton Head.

hilton_lo.jpg (93952 bytes)


Sire Oak, SC   Marcas Houtchings
  Mar 06, 2007 22:14 PST 

All of you talking about Live oak got me to thinking where about in
Richland County, S.C do I know where big live oak are?   One right off
the top of my head is Called the (Sire Oak). Right across the street
from the S.C. State House I been there and look at it but didn't take no
measurements. I look up some info about it:
sire_oak1.jpg (78790 bytes) sire_oak6.jpg (102195 bytes)

(Other proud spires surviving from antebellum times include those of
First Presbyterian Church, St. Peter’s Catholic Church, Washington
Street United Methodist and Trinity Episcopal Cathedral. It is said that
during Sherman’s assault in 1865, Trinity Episcopal was spared because
parishioners removed the name and mounted papier-mache´ crosses on
parapets. Union soldiers passed it by, believing it to be a Catholic
Church. Sherman’s mother was Catholic.

sire_oak3.jpg (101505 bytes) sire_oak4.jpg (99674 bytes)

The cemetery at Trinity has perhaps the largest live oak tree in
Columbia. Called the “Sire Oak,” its trunk measures more than 20 feet in
diameter. Confederate General Wade Hampton, later governor, and family
members are buried beneath the towering oak.) Clip From

sire_oak5.jpg (90976 bytes) sire_oak2.jpg (98114 bytes)

Also I guy name Harry Bull that works and knows about the tree was telling 
me that it was wrote in a old letter or passage, saying when the church was 
built 1814 the tree was use in the passage. Has a marker of where one side 
of the corner of the church laid. I'm looking for a book that was wrote and a 
tells about the Sire Oak I hope to find out more of this tree history. 

Another one is at a homestead with a farm I measure it but can't
remember the exact numbers it 20 something feet around. I going to take
photo's and get the numbers on the tree and post them.