Gigapixel Project: Grand Canyon    MICHAEL DAVIE
   Mar 01, 2005 17:52 PST 
I guess if "the more megapixels the better" is true, then this is the best... and of the Grand Canyon, too-

I don't think that camera is available at Best Buy, though, or easy to carry in the backcountry.


Re: Tree ID Project-pixels   Don Bertolette
  Mar 01, 2005 19:57 PST 

That is an awesome camera, and what better subject!!!
I have had several occasions to occupy that involved my father-in-law on a rather overcast day. In his advancing years, he saw an aluminum plate rather than a 'window' and wondered why anyone would do that.
The Gigapixel Project folks comment about covering their camera with their parkas reminded me of an end-of-the-workday visit to Cape Royal. With sunset and a storm approaching from the South Rim, we hurried out the trail. Our efforts paid off...the storm advanced over the canyon about the same time that the sun began to set under the clouds, creating a rainbow that described about 300 degrees of a circle...a big circle that little less than a Gigapixel Project camera could catch. "Running what we brung", we tried to capture the image in three separate of the time was not up to a "triangular panorama", and it never amounted to what we recall.
The scanning technology they use has archeological applications...these days, a number of National Parks use it to capture rock art panels in incredible detail, before they are damaged.
Thanks for the post, I wasn't aware of their work!