Keffer Oak, VA   James Smith
  Aug 01, 2006 19:59 PDT 

I was shows some photographs of a tree on the Appalachian Trail in
Virgnia known as the "Keffer Oak". Impressive tree. It's variously
listed at "the largest tree on the AT", the "largest oak on the AT" and
"the second largest oak on the AT".

Any idea how it ranks? Ever heard of it?

What kind of oak is it?
RE: Keffer Oak.   Matthew Hannum
  Aug 02, 2006 15:33 PDT 

Well, I knew nothing about the tree until you mentioned it, but doing
some poking around, here is a website related to it:

Seems to be a White Oak
Fwd: Fwd: Keffer Oak.   Jess Riddle
  Aug 02, 2006 19:07 PDT 

Here's what my dad found out about the Keffer Oak while hiking the AT in 2003

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From: Doug Riddle 
Date: Aug 2, 2006 4:58 PM
Subject: Re: Fwd: Keffer Oak.

I heard about it and another large oak in NY long before I came to each tree.
The Keffer oak is a white oak about 19'7" located at the edge of a
pasture in southern Vir.
The Oak in NY is about 20'3" and is also a white oak. It is right
beside a 2 lane paved road.
I have trail notes and photos of both trees so my numbers above may
not be exact.
Each oak is a single bole for first 20' then opens to a large crown.
The 2 trees are close to the same size and are easily the largest 2
oaks along the AT.