Banding an eagle
  Jun 11, 2007 14:49 PDT 


Jim Spickler is one of the world's great climbers. He has been an instrumental part of every canopy project I have been involved with - from rain forest canopies of the Pacific Northwest, to redwood and sequoia research in California, and the tall Eucalypts of Australia.

He is also a wildlife biologist. His masters thesis concerned arboreal salamanders in redwood canopies.

Santa Cruz Island off the coast of California has not had a breeding pair of bald eagles in over 50 years. For the last several years, Jim has been involved with a project where young eagles are moved from Alaska to Santa Cruz Island.

Last year, the first successfully reared young eagle was raised. 2 days ago, Jim returned to the nest to put a band on the young eagle. The entire event was recorded.

To see the five part movie, go the and type in 'Jim Spickler' in the search box. You will see part I. Click on the link 'HulaBungee' to see all five videos.

Super cool!