Burls   Joseph Zorzin
  Mar 18, 2004 02:51 PST 

... Speaking of "burls", yesterday, while walking with a client, I saw the
most incredible burl I've ever seen. It was on a black cherry with about
a 12" dbh. The burl started at the ground and went up about 4 feet. It
was like a sphere, about 4' in diameter- as if the tree was growing out
of that huge sphere. My client took a picture of me next to it, and I'll
upload it when I get it.

cherry_burl.jpg (49292 bytes)

March 31, 2004

I've got a photo of what may be the largest cherry burl (still on the tree) in the northeast at http://forestmeister.com/temp/Gould-Farm/cherry-burl.jpg. I was walking with a client when we walked past this monster burl. The client had a camera and took a picture of me in front of this tree. He later mailed me the photo, but as I opened the envelope, I tore the photo- but you can see how huge this burl is.
******** See photo above

Joe Zorzin

Speaking of Burls...   Lou Sebesta
  Mar 18, 2004 08:33 PST 

Hey ENTS- What's the consensus among us about the (various?) factor(s)
which can contribute to the formation of burls? I've heard a lot to
ideas thrown around over the years and just wanted to see what we all
thought about that. I'd trust our opinions to be more definitive. No
doubt this is a topic which this group has discussed in the past, and if
so, sorry I missed it. Thanks to all.


Re: Speaking of Burls...   Paul Jost
  Mar 18, 2004 08:41 PST 

A really long time ago, I was told that really, really bad little boys
were punished with lifetime imprisonment inside a tree. As the child
grew, so did the size of the burl. This explained the huge burls on
some trees. Hopefully, this will help you to understand them, too!?

Paul Jost
RE: monster cherry burl   Will Blozan
  Mar 31, 2004 18:05 PST 
I have a shot of a black cherry in TN that has a "burly" base 31' around.
The largest burl I have ever seen is a yellow birch near Miry Ridge, TN
(GRSM) that had a girth of over 21'!


Giantblackcherryburldetail2.jpg (59490 bytes)

RE: monster cherry burl   abi-@u.washington.edu
  Mar 31, 2004 18:24 PST 

I have a historic photo of a redwood burl 4 meters tall and 7 meters in diameter that weighed in at 60 metric tons. More than 17,000 sq m of burl veneer was obtained. A polished piece of redwood burl is one of the finest woods I have ever seen.

Re: monster cherry burl   greentreedoctor
  Mar 31, 2004 20:18 PST 
The largest burl I've seen in the Upstate was on an oak near the Middle Saluda about a mile upstream from Jones Gap State Park (this burl is enormous!).   I need to get back up there a take a photo. Will, have you seen this one?

Randy Cyr
bark photos   John Eichholz
  Feb 15, 2005 10:29 PST 

I have posted a few photos of bark, including an exceptional burl I saw
in California. The burl was on a 11.6' cbh western cottonwood. I am
hoping to extend the collection as time permits. You can find it at:

I may change the address to my new account at some time.

 Burly Red Maple- Cook Forest, PA - photo by Dale Luthringer

 Chestnut Oak Burl - Cook Forest State Park, PA - photo by Carl Harting