spring tree flowerings   Fores-@aol.com
  Apr 17, 2006 06:14 PDT 

In WV we are at the midst of a pretty intense spring. For whatever reason,
2006 is producing one of the most incredible flowerings of sugar maple trees
I have ever experienced. Sugar maple is our state tree and is very common in
the central part of the state. Right now our hillsides are a greenish
yellow as thousands upon thousands of sugar maples blossom and in places where the
redbud is a major component of the understory the mix of yellowish green
maple flowers and the lavender of redbud is awesome.

On the downside the pollen is so intense that you have to be careful where
you try to pick morel mushrooms because the pollen can collect and accumulate
in depressions, leeward eddies on ridge tops and areas with poor air
circulation and the intensity of the pollen can take your breath away. I was on a
ridge this weekend above a 100 acre cove that is dominated by sugar maple
when a gentle breeze came up and the intense sweetness of the millions of maple
blooms was so overwhelming that I had to leave the woods.

Over Easter weekend several additional tree species began flowering
including hickory, paw paw, ash and black oak. The slippery elm is already dropping

Have any other ENTs noticed a heavy dose of maple flowering this spring?

Russ Richardson
RE: spring tree flowerings   Robert Leverett
  Apr 17, 2006 07:19 PDT 


I was commenting to Monica yesterday how absolutely spectacular the
sugar maple is starting to be. It appears to be a phenomenon that
reaches into New England. It is sad that very few people realize that
the delicately colored blossoms of the sugar maple are indeed just that
- blossoms instead of young leaves. I find the sugar maple to be one of
the most awesome blossoming trees that we have.

Re: spring tree flowerings   Neil Pederson
  Apr 17, 2006 08:18 PDT 
Dear ENTS,

Same thing here in the state of Kentucky over the last few weeks. The
profusion of color in the canopy of distant mountains while driving along
I-75 to W NC and back reminded me of early spring leafing by tulip-poplar in
southern NY. When we, my class and I and some visitors, finally got into the
woods, I noticed it was all sugar maple, which is something I've never
experienced before. As this is my first spring in KY, I thought it might be
something unique to the region.

Guess not. Thanks Russ for the context [almost typed historical, but I
doubt you are older than the hills].

RE: spring tree flowerings   Lee Frelich
  Apr 17, 2006 13:17 PDT 

Bob, Russ:

The maples are flowering very heavily in WI and MN, the red and sugar
maples, creating a palette of spring greens and orange to red over the
landscape. I don't think I have ever seen such heavy and early tree
flowering as this year. The maples would normally flower during the first
week of May here, although I am sure there are places in the Sawtooths and
the shores of the great lakes where they will not flower for a few more
weeks. I have had to use all of my allergy medicines more so than in past
springs, since I am allergic to maple pollen.