Unusually Shaped Trees   John A. Keslick, Jr.
  Dec 23, 2005 18:39 PST 


Also what happens when a tree falls and the branch or branches grow up.
What do we call them? I call some a harp tree

And some a "FOOT TREE" back in my swamp

Here is a "HARP TREE"


John A. Keslick, Jr.
Re: Unusually Shaped Trees   Edward Frank
  Dec 25, 2005 17:06 PST 


Excellent photos. Thanks for sharing them with us. I would like to have a
section on the ENTS website for unually shaped trees. Dale talked about an
interesting form for black willow - they typically don't form a single stem
but deserve to be rcognized in some way. Lee Frelich talked about complexes
of cedars formed from limbs sprouting along fallen trunks. Will Blozan sent
is some photos of a serpentine tsuge- a hemlock with a trunk that snakes a
long the ground before turning upright
Unfortunately that is the only example of unusual tree forms I have
collected so far...

Ed Frank
RE: Weird, historic trees   Paul Jost
  Dec 27, 2005 13:47 PST 

Some time ago, I found the following link to a publication with photos of
weird trees in Indiana:

Also, the Wisconsin DNR has made available an online pdf version of a book
on historical trees in the state of Wisconsin at:

They provide some good winter reading...

Paul Jost