Big tree logging photos   Edward Frank
  May 15, 2007 20:48 PDT 


Very interesting Photos - all five pages of them. A couple weeks ago I was
browsing the public domain films site
and found these films related to logging that might also be of interest:

Felling Forest Giants 12:36

Forestry and Forest Industries 10:16

Wood for War   6:24

Redwood Saga   10:27

Trees to Tribunes 19:17
The Trees to Tribunes one shows the process from cutting the tree through
making paper to printing a newspaper.

Flatboatmen of the Frontier 10:18

If you browse the text archive for forestry there are a number of documents
available, including several older forestry books as pdf files.
One that caught my interest was:

A primer of forestry - Pinchot, Gifford, 1865-1946
pt. 1. The forest -- pt. 2. Practical forestry
Keywords: Forests and forestry; Trees

Ed Frank