Historical Accounts of Trees   Edward Frank
  Jun 09, 2006 06:07 PDT 


That is an interesting story about the Hatfield Sycamore. I would like to
see any material the gentleman provides about the tree. I would like to see
more narrative accounts of the history of individual trees of note.   There
is a big oak tree in the village of Crown just north of Cook Forest. I have
photos of the tree and have been thinking about giving the family there a
copy of the photo and collecting personal accounts and possible older photos
of the tree to develop a history of this individual oak. I would encourage
others to do this with a big tree in their area. particularly those who
want to participate in the ENTS organization, but are not involved,
interested, or don't have the equipment to do tree hieght measurements.

Ed Frank
RE: Historical Accounts of Trees   Don Bragg
  Jun 09, 2006 06:18 PDT 


The description of historical big trees is one of the featurettes of the Bulletin of the Eastern Native Tree Society, and there are a couple offered in the inaugaral issue...

Don Bragg
RE: Historical Accounts of Trees   Phil
  Jun 09, 2006 06:23 PDT 


    It's ironic that you mention this, as I'm working on just that in
Harford, CT. There are several old trees (circa 1860's) on the grounds of
where I'm working. I have spoken with the public relations office of the
hospital and the CT Botanical Society (who did the last measuring). I'm
measuring and photographing the trees, and conducting as much history as I
can, to submit for the enjoyment of ENTS.