Audubon Woods Reflections   John Eichholz
  Nov 06, 2005 17:37 PST 
Bob, Ents:

A couple hours spent in the Audubon woods this morning...

On a more poetical note, I found true refuge again, from the worries of
the day, when once engulfed in the forest mere. Hopping from mound to
mound or following a beaver's rill, I came again into the domain of
nature, where familiarity is again possible. The fogs and mists
intermediating between the ducks and I, but not obscuring the treetops,
I realized a greater gulf between the jogger beyond, yet a closer bond.
Our legacy of these woods can be valued higher when known in the context
of their rarity. Yet they are also a quiet backdrop to the commons.


Re: Audubon Woods Reflections   Robert Leverett
  Nov 07, 2005 13:27 PST 


   Your words echo with deep resonance and speak to your strong woodland
spirit and also to the mathematician in you. How many times have I
walked the path through the upper meadow of Mohawk suddenly to sense it
as if for the first time. That which was familiar and regularly bypassed
turns magical. Shapes seen on a sunny day become mystical when
experienced in the mist. Forest moods challenge our notions of time and
space and matter and what it really means to be a tree or rock or blade
of grass.