Charles Loring:  Historical 'tree lover' in Minneapolis   Lee E. Frelich
  Oct 20, 2006 12:09 PDT 


I just discovered a plaque in honor of Charles Loring, the founder of the
Minneapolis Park System, and also the one who started the tradition of
Minneapolis being the most tree covered city in the U.S. It was not in
Loring Park, which was named after him, but instead is in Minnehaha Park
east of the waterfall near Lock and Dam No.1 (!?). He died around 1900 and
the plaque must have been made at that time, since it has a lot of patina
and has turned green. I helped restore Loring's house, which is a nice
little Eastlake Victorian style house that we had moved to the center of
Loring Park several years ago.

The plaque has a strange looking tree on it that looks to me like a hybrid
of a bur oak and a maple.

It has an interesting inscription:

In Honor of
Charles M. Loring
Tree Lover and Civic Enthusiast

Let dead names be eternized by dead stone,
Let living names by living shafts be known.
Plant thou a tree whose griefless leaves shall sing
Thy deed and thee, each fresh, unfolding spring.