Fair Mohawk, Seven Generations Long   jarred trout
  Dec 12, 2004 05:10 PST 
i was faint of heart

and at a loss for words

took myself to fair Mohawk

and had counsel with the birds

great red tail hawk

what did she say?

step lightly into this sacred green

a few gentle steps at first

you will quicken your stride

as your heart comes clean

its not the past that lights your way

its in the words no one can say

its a gentle waft of sweetgrass

that crosses your back

as the winds of this land

blow forward to lighten your pack

its the birds on high

and grounded four legs

that you dont see

its in your breath

a cadence true

soaring on these thermals

for ones like you

no one comes here

that has not been

called to this place

our connected past lives

now back again

listen to the songs

of winded crowns

take heart in these

and what you've found

a place to stay

in centered bliss

from the old ones tall

your home is this

and when your are well

and your stance is strong

pass these lesson

seven generations long