Happy Holidays   jarred trout
  Dec 24, 2003 13:09 PST 

Brothers and Sisters of the sacred green:

As we draw nearer to our families

And those ENTS friendships made...

Here's to Peace on Earth under the spread of canopy shade.

Hold close to the ones you love

Forget not those that are now in spirit.

Relish in the song of the crowns

As it is ours to hear it.

I am thankful for a place to shed my skin

Joyous in the gift of a newly found trade to ply

As I have been a restless soul for years so long

In the heart of the oak

The shag of the hickory

And the tall, tall pines

My heart does truly fly.

I will hold close to my soul our quest for tall, old stands

Looking up more knowingly to the un-ventured fertile lands

A tall tree crown nestled on a steep mountain side

A DBH tape, laser, and a clinometer as my guide

I can run the numbers, with tangent so true

With brother Bob, we report whats new

A seemingly special tree, of our in flux, written sacred text

Old Eastern, foot-sore boys, up the Rucker Index

We call it for what we see and what we see is true

An extended green family that welcomes the new

So in the spirit of the Yule and the snow covered land

I hope a wishful holiday

Will be yours at hand

Merry Christmas my Brothers and Sisters

I hope to repay the gifts that have been given me.

Yours in the Pitch,