human spirits as trees   Joseph Zorzin
  Jun 04, 2002 06:30 PDT 
Dennis E Hayman wrote:

  Let's put out the intent that many human spirits come back as trees next
time, thus decreasing the human population and increasing the tree
population. :>)

Way back when I was a child I watched a TV show discussing the acting
profession and training for it. One acting teacher pointed out that it's a
worthy training exercise to pretend to be a tree- just imagine what type of
tree, then just stand there pretending to be that tree for as long as
possible. I remember trying that and found it fascinating- to pretend that I
was standing there for decades watching all the critters (like humans)
running loose as they were not rooted in the ground and grooving on the
weather changes and the sun whirling over head.

No doubt, in some sense, trees have awareness- of soil moisture, wind,
sunlight, temperature, competition from other trees, attacks by insects and
pathogens- and the greatest of "evil doers", land developers and high
graders! They don't mind so much (I speculate) being sacrificed by an
ecoforester- but don't appreciate being sacrificed before their prime.

I want to come back as an elm next to a large lake.

And, what are all your choices? <G>
Joe Zorzin
RE: restoration and the real terrorists   Leverett, Robert
  Jun 04, 2002 07:25 PDT 

   You've laid a heavy on us - an exercise in real imagination. I gotta give this one some serious thought. Could probably use some of your cookies to stimulate the creative juices. Lots of choices. Lots of metaphors. Neat stuff. Many people identify with an animal. Bears, mountain lions, eagles, etc. Mostly large predators. Few think about trees.

RE: restoration and the real terrorists   Heidi Roddis
  Jun 04, 2002 07:50 PDT 
I would like to be an American Beech. One with the Earth through spreading roots, feeding bears and other critters with my nuts, and providing animal homes in a hollow trunk, all while filtering green light through beautiful shimmering leaves. I wouldn't mind if an amorous young couple came along and carved their initials in my smooth gray bark so long as they stayed a while to enjoy my cool shade. Plus, I could live forever through my spreading root sprouts!

Re: restoration and the real terrorists   Dennis E Hayman
  Jun 04, 2002 08:55 PDT 
That was beautiful. I had a Beech friend like that. I was just in awe of
her 3+ foot diameter -- exuding a quiet strength. I used to try to
imagine what caused all of those dark scars on her gray trunk -- and how
she came to have that crack about 15 feet off the ground that just pumped
out liquid in the Spring. I always was comfortable with the American
Beech and feel sad to see so many suffering today. Perhaps it's because
of my closeness to Bears (especially Polar Bears). Thanks!